V Series Single Pump

(F3-) 25V 19 A -1 A 22 R Note Series Displacement Port connections Shaft type Outlet Positions Design number Rotation No-marking:Petroleum series oil emulsification fluid water glycol-fluid phosphate ester fluid 20V A-SAE A-SAE4- bolt flange 1-Str key 151-Spline (Viewed from cover end of pump) Opposite inlet90° CCW from inlet Inline with inlet 90°CW from inlet 22 (Viewed form shaft end of pump)Left hand for counter clockwise Right hand for clockwise 25V 35V 1-Str key 86-HD Str key 11-Spline 45V

V Series Single Pump



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Taizhou hongyi hydraulic servo technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of high performance vane pumps in China. Company founded in 2002, located at xianjubaita industry zone, Zhejiang province where is the national ecological country with the convenient transportation where 220km away from Ningbo Port, 350km away from Shanghai Port.

The company covers an area of 10000 square meters, we have a professional production and management team with the deep knowledge of vane pump technology. We invited many domestic and foreign experts and professors as consultants….



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    1. crawl The reasons may be: unstable leakage, damage to the motor support frame, changes in bearing positioning, wear of parts, serious oil contamination, and the wrong phase between the distribution shaft and the guide rail surface, causing inaccurate oil distribution and inconsistent forward ...

  • Troubleshooting of Four Faults of Hydraulic Motors

    Weak rotation: The reason is: insufficient output pressure and flow of the main pump or increased clearance between the internal fitting parts of the hydraulic motor. Checking and troubleshooting methods: (1) On the premise that the main circuit safety valve, overload valve and other accessories...

  • Analysis of the cause of failure of vane pump ②

    The reasons for loose bearings and oil leakage from shaft seals are as follows: A. During installation, the output shaft of the vane pump and the motor output shaft are not concentric (the motor output shaft is deformed, the coupling is not concentric, the positioning gap of the vane pump’s...

  • Analysis of the cause of failure of vane pump ①

    The causes of vane pump failure are generally reflected in: loud noise, pressure oscillation, system pressure loss, no pressure, system oil temperature is too high, etc. A. The main causes of noise produced by vane pumps include the following phenomena: 1. The vane pump sucks air when it is worki...

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    2. The hydraulic oil should be replaced three months after the first use of the hydraulic system, and then every six months to ensure the normal operation of the system.   3. During the operation of the hydraulic system, the oil filter should be checked for blockage at any time and the filte...